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Integration of imaging (and other advanced) detectors into beam lines continues to be a pressing need at the APS.  Using the EPICS areaDetector module, integration has become a routine process.

  1. decide on the detector
  2. check if the detector is supported by the EPICS areaDetector module:
    1. areaDetector organization:
    2. APS Detector Group:
    3. APS drivers: areaDetector software drivers recently completed
    4. APS AD queue: areaDetector software driver development queue
    5. possible vendor support for EPICS areaDetector
    6. other possible locations ... (no single comprehensive list exists)
  3. If no driver can be found, talk with BCDA ( to get it in the queue
  4. acquire the detector
  5. optional: verify the detector works using the tools provided by the vendor
  6. if no EPICS areaDetector driver, write the driver
    1. current queue: areaDetector software driver development queue
  7. deploy the detector with the appropriate EPICS areaDetector driver
    1. current queue: APS/XSD areaDetector deployment queue


The XSD staff working on writing areaDetector drivers meets weekly.  Links to recent meetings are updated here:

Note: Each meeting's minutes are recorded in a JIRA server that requires a login.




Support Groups

Currently, there are four XSD groups providing support for EPICS areaDetector:

Support GroupRoles
XSD Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition Groupwrite drivers, deploy & maintain software for beam line detectors
XSD Detector Groupdevelop new detectors and associated EPICS interfaces
XSD Detector Pooldeploy & maintain detector pool detectors
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