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Project Summary

This page serves as a starting point for documentation, code, and admin procedures for the beamline scheduling system. Most of the needed documentation exists already and is either under source code control in subversion, or is in ICMS. Since it can be a bit difficult finding all the bits, this page can be considered a master index.

The beamline scheduling application was developed in 2008, launched as a pilot in 2009, and has since been adopted by all beamlines.

Production URL is:

Original Developers and Participants

  • Project Leads
    • Claude Saunders
    • Steve Leatherman (AES/IS)
  • "Business Owner"
    • John Maclean
  • Pilot Review Committee
    • Several beamlines
  • Developers
    • Claude Saunders
    • Yanni Cao (AES/IS)
    • Yu Huang (AES/IS)
    • Brad Gibson (contractor)

Features and Workflow

Design and Development


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