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The software is built using Jenkins automated build service. The software can be installed with an Software Updater Application or the user downloading each file by hand.

Windows Step-by-step guide

Software Updater Application: requires .Net 4.0

  1. Download the Updater Application
  2. Download the software update properties file: Windows 7 64bit
  3. Run the updater application.
  4. Click the select button and choose the software update properties file

  5. The dialog will fill with the files that need to be downloaded. A new folder will be created in the same directory that the Updater software is running. Select Run to start downloading
  6. If it was successful, all the items status will be Completed.
  7. Note the Backup_ directory. The updater automatically moves the old application files to the backup directory before downloading the new ones.
  8. Download and install EPICS for Windows
  9. Add the EPICS for Windows install directory to your PATH variable.
    1. Press the Start button and right click on Computer and select Properties
    2. Select Advance Systems Settings (requires admin rights)
    3. Select the Advanced Tab and Environment Variables 
    4. Under System Variables find Path and append the directory. Use ; as a delimiter between directories.
  10. The software is downloaded. Run uProbeX.exe

Self Download files (Windows 7 64bit):

  1. uProbeX.exe
  2. sstar.dll
  3. dstar.dll
  4. QtCore4.dll
  5. QtGui4.dll
  6. QtXml4.dll
  7. Run uProbeX.exe

Linux Step-by-step guide

Update Script: requires wget or curl

  1. Download the Updater Script
  2. Run the script in the directory you would like the files. terminal$ ./
  3. Make sure you have EPICS base ( installed and the bin directory is in your PATH environment variable.
  4. The script will download the files and create and launcher.csh. To run the application run either launcher shell script.

Self Download files (Linux 64bit): Download the following files into a directory.

  1. uProbeX
  14. You may need to update your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include the current directory. sh ex: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./:/usr/lib/
  15. Run uProbeX