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Steps to deploy DAQ on OSX

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create a user with the user-name: dmadmin . Note, the password for this user does not matter, we will setup ssh password-less login using ssh keys.
  2. Open a terminal and login as dmadmin
    1. su dmadmin
  3. Get the source code:
    1. svn co <DM_ROOT_DIR>
  4. Commend out function call in dm-daq-web-service script
    1. vi <DM_ROOT_DIR>/etc/init.d/dm-daq-web-service
    2. comment out line 18 (line number may have changed since this edit)
      1. #. /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions
  5. Make the daq
    1. cd <DM_DIST_DIR>
    2. make support-daq
    3. make dm-deploy-daq-web-service
  6. This should be it but OSX 10.10.5 (version as of writing this wiki) have openssl version 0.9.8zg. This version does not support TLSv1_2 which is needed. A work around is to install Anaconda python which comes with openssl verions 1.0.1k
  7. Prepend <anaconda_install_dir>/bin to your PATH environment variable.
    1. export PATH=<anaconda_install_dir>/bin:$PATH
    2. export PYTHONPATH=<DM_ROOT_DIR>/lib/python
  8. Install needed python libraries
    1. pip install python-ldap watchdog
  9. Download patched cherrypy package and install it
    1. cd /tmp
    2. wget
    3. tar zxvf
    4. cd
    5. python build
    6. python install
  10. Kill and restart daq service
    1. pkill -SIGINT -f dsWebService
    2. cd <DM_ROOT_DIR>/sbin
    3. python &
  11. Note that when you restart your terminal you will have to
    1. source <DM_ROOT_DIR>/../etc/
    2. export PATH=<anaconda_install_dir>/bin:$PATH