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  1. When the data acquisition (daq) service transfers data to the storage service, the storage service can return checksum that will be verified by the daq service.
  2. The collected data can be automatically deleted after it has been transferred to the storage <policy>
  3. The DM Experiment Gui should have collection data root directory editable. Currently the root directory is accessible through configuration file. Another option that some users might find useful is to make the experiment directory editable. Currently the experiment directory is created automatically following a pattern <rootDirectory>/yyyy-mm/<experimentName>. 
  4. The experiment name currently reflects experiment id from Esaf. This will be replaced by activity number. Also the start/end experiment dates will be taken from scheduling system, rather then from esaf.
  5. Make service CLIs usable.
  6. Send email to experiment users when data is collected <policy>
  7. capability to ftp data to storage
  8. Combine the b<badgeNumber> accounts with d<badgeNumber>, using the "b" prefix.
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