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Project Summary

The current implementation of GridRec uses EPICS for thread and data structure support. Although this works well where EPICS builds are available, it becomes a burden to build, install and maintain on systems where EPICS is not available, such as a user’s laptop or at a remote computing facility. Replacing the EPICS dependencies with a general-purpose library, such as boost, will help make the code easier to distribute outside the APS. In addition, the new C++11 standard incorporates many features of boost. In the near future, the use of these features will remove the need for an external library for threading.


"Future-proof" software by removing need for EPICS as a thread library, making the software easier to maintain, support, and deploy.

Project Management and Issue Tracking

JIRA is used for project management and issue tracking.

Source Code

The source code can be found here.

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