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The APS has been operating for nearly 20 years and some of the software tools used in the Main Control Room (MCR) have been in place since day one of operations.  In many cases, the responsibility for maintaining these applications has switched hands many times over the years.  We are attempting to gather requirements for some of these applications so that we can consider how best to support the functionality provided by them.  We are asking for contributions to this from the operators in the Main Control Room.

The links below lead to information on each application.  These pages are intended to encourage discussion of requirements and features.  Operatorors from the MCR are encouraged to place comments on these pages.  These comments will be the starting point for discussions and should yield a set of requirements and feature requests that will allow us to move forward.

Tools being considered:

  • MEDM - Motif Editor & Display Manager
  • ADT - Array Display Tool
  • StripTool - Strip charting tool for EPICS PVs.
  • ALH - Epics Alarm Handler

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