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Project Summary

This project has evolved a bit from it's original goal of trying to apply GDA to SAXS. We are now working to introduce CSS-BOY (MEDM replacement) and our locally built scan-engine. The goal at this time is to replace the current use of SPEC scripts.



We are now working with a new plan.  We have chosen not to continue to pursue our original plan.

Our current plan is to:

  1. Continue to pursue development of operator interface screens with CSS BOY
    1. 15 ID group will continue with the creation of screens.
    2. SSG and BCDA need to continue work on completing MEDM to BOY converter and apply conversions to produce a set of replacement screens for synApp displays.
    3. Until synApps screens are completed, develop a uniform approach to launch MEDM to use existing displays
  2. Deploy APS scan-engine to replace use of SPEC
  3. Modify existing python app to generate scan-engine script instead of SPEC script.

Links to Project Artifacts


CSS-BOY has been successfully deployed and is in use for pinhole SAXS instrument. We are presently introducing the scan-engine into the environment, and have demonstrated a simple scan script. We are proceeding to more fully integrate the new scan-engine into their existing workflow, which involves modifying a python app to generate the scan script from configuration parameters entered by a user.

Meeting Minutes

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