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Project Summary

Create/integrate an areaDetector 2.x plug-in for the QImaging Retiga 4000R and 4000DC detectors at Sector 1. The current plug-in for the QImaging detectors at Sector 1 is for areaDetector 1.x, and experiences issue related to using the external trigger. The plug-in needs to be refactored for areaDetector 2.x and properly tested. Further, any detector functionality not already present, e.g. external trigger, should be added.


Appropriate development, testing and documentation of this detector will expand data acquisition abilities at the 1-ID-B,C,E stations. It is used for nf-HEDM (Near-Field High Energy Diffraction Microscopy) acquisition about 30% of the time and Tomography acquisition about 70% of the time.

Project Management and Issue Tracking

JIRA is used for project management and issue tracking.

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