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A new group for beginning Python is being started by Brian Toby, Matt Newville and John Hammonds. The group will meet approximately every other Monday and will have discussions to follow the previous (2016-) lectures.

To sign up for the mailing for Beginner related information see Beginner Python E-mail list.  Note that a there is a separate e-mail list for more general & more advanced Python Training & Discussion.  Go up to the XSD Python Training Home to find a link to that mailing list.

Also of use for beginners may be the links prepared in the ECP-IDEAS project: Python materials for scientific programmers

Lectures will resume in February.

Requested future topics: pandas, numpy/scipy, matplotlib, git 

#when/whereTopicPrerequisites (note links in text)LeaderNew material

2:30-3:30 pm; April 16, 2018; 401/A1100

Installing Python & Python Basics
  1. Install Anaconda
  2. Watch lecture videos: part 1, part 2 (or read through slides)
  3. Do homework (answers)
  4. John's Slides on interpreters
Brian Toby
210:30-noon, May 14 2018, 401/A1100Basic Python: conditional statements and looping
  1. work for session #1
  2. Watch lecture videos: part 1, part 2  (or read through slides)
  3. Do homework

2018-06-04 (A1100)

10:30 am-noon &

2 pm-3:30 pm

scientific graphicsIntro to MatplotlibTom Caswell (BNL)

2018-06-18 (A1100)


File I/O, system-supplied modules and DYI modules

Watch videos: part 1, part 2 or read slides.

Homework (answers)

Matt Newville
52018-Oct-08 (A1100) 10:40-noonPrevious materials; Spyderall of the aboveBrian
62018-Oct-22 (A1100) 10:40-noonIntro to NumPyNumpy slidesBrianalso see slides 37-41 here, and section V.A.1. in this paper (also on Research Gate)
72018-Nov-19 (A1100) 10:40-noonIntro to Matplotlib
BrianSlides + sample animation code: 1) not so fast, 2) pretty fast & 3) even faster

2018-Dec-3  (A1100) 10:40-noon

Intro to Objects in Python

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