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  • Installing Python
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There are a number of Python distributions, that include commonly used Python packages. We are recommending that you install the latest Anaconda Python package (Anaconda version 5.1 as of April 4, 2018) from Select the operating system you are using (use 64-bit unless you are using a 32-bit OS – unusual) and we are recommending to install the Python 3.6 version rather than 2.7.

See these instructions: Windows, Mac OS X or Linux for details.

Please make a note of the full path (directory name) where you install Anaconda.The following points may help:

  • Do not use an install location that contains spaces or Unicode characters.
  • If you are asked to install for all users, say no (install for only one user).
  • Note that if you want to have more than one version of Python on your computer, do not make this the default installation. To do this
    • on Windows, uncheck the Advanced Options to add Anaconda to your path and to register Anaconda as the default
    • on Linux: you will be asked if you "wish the installer to add the Anaconda install location to PATH in your .bashrc". You can say no.
    •  on Mac: you will not be asked unless you use the command-line installer
  • You may be asked if you want to install "Microsoft VS code." We have not used this and likely will not for this training, but we have heard reports from some people that this can be a very nice environment for developing Python code. Installing this is optional.
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