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Installation instructions have been prepared for Linux, OSX and Windows.  These installation instructions assume the use of a  commercial distribution/packaging of Python called Anaconda.  This was used since the APS has invested in increasing the knowledge base with the use of a single python distribution.  We are currently using Anaconda Version 2.5.0.  This provides a number of installed packages.  There are a number of known package dependencies which are available for installation through the conda installer (included with anaconda).  These include:

numpy 1.10.4 

PyQt 4.11.4

vtk 6.3.0

pytables 3.2.2

The following packages are available through the Canopy Package manager but are typically older distributions.  It is recommended to manually install these from source following instructions in the platform specific install instructions.

xrayutilities - currently installing latest (1.2.1) from PiPy repository with pip install

spec2nexus - currently installing latest (2016.216.0) from PiPy repository with pip install

Platform Specific Installation Instructions

Linux - Tested on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

OSX - Tested with OSX 10.7.5

Windows - Tested on Windows 7

 Instructions for Mac OSX, Linux and Windows found here.

Note that the original instructions for installing  on Windows were written by Christian Schleputz (ANL/XSD) and Yongsoo Yang (University of Michigan).  Many thanks to Christian and YongSoo for their work on this.