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  1. User Guide: It is written in MS Word.
    1. Will replace this with a PDF which is more universal. 
    2. Added SSG_000116-129 to address this issue.
    3. Closed this issue 5/5/2014
  2. Confluence Examples Page/User Guide: Requirement for specific data directory layout with respect to spec file is not documented (i.e., copying spec files into different location does not work).
    1. Have added some information on this to the Example page. 
    2. See SSG_000116-130
    3. Closed issue 5/13/2014
  3. Confluence Examples Page/User Guide: Documentation does not clearly outline what is needed to run the software with sample spec files.
    1. Will address
    2. Added SSG_000116-130 to address this.
    3. Closed issue 5/13/2014
  4. Confluence Installation Page: Required python packages do not have links.
  5. Confluence Installation Page: Required python version and versions for all dependencies are not listed.
  6. Confluence Installation Page: Several python package dependencies are not listed.
  7. Confluence Installation Page: Installation notes for windows are out of date.
    1. Will Address
    2. Have added SSG_000116-169 to address.
    3. Closed this issue 5/12/2014
  8. Confluence Installation Page: Explicit software installation instructions do not exist for linux/mac.
    1. Will address -
    2. Have added SSG_00116-166 to address this.
    3. Closed issue 5/12/2014
  9. Installation (RHEL 6.x): Software cannot be installed on RHEL 6.x using standard OS python packages (due to old version of numpy).
  10. Installation (Darwin 13.x): PySide namespace may be used instead of PyQt4 namespace.
  11. Installation (Fedora 20): "Image" module is under PIL namespace.
  12. Application Runtime: Data processing typically results in very large memory consumption (> 5GB at times), and gui becomes unresponsive.
    1. Memory issues will be examined at a later time.  For now, memory usage is known and accepted.  GUI responsiveness was due to processing being done in the GUI thread.  This was planned and has been addressed in JIRA story SSG_000116-71.
  13. Application Runtime: Application cannot be stopped using CTRL-C from the command line.
    1. Added SSG_000116-176 to address this.
    2. Closed issue 5/14/2014.
  14. Application Runtime: Several errors appear as exceptions on the terminal, without alerting user on the GUI screen that something went wrong.
    1. Will continue to work on eliminate these as they are found. 
    2. SSG_000116-131
    3. Went through code looking for more of this after all other work is completed.  Closed issue 5/13/2014
  15. Application Runtime: Files named "sys?" and "traceback?" appear on the filesystem (Note: only Tim experienced this problem.)
    1. Have not seen this.  Will talk with Tim.. 
    2. Added SSG_000116-132 to address this.
    3. Talked with Tim.  This occured when Tim was trying to directly execute the python file  This was interpreted as bash and the import commands exist in bash and caused the files to appear.
  16. Application Runtime: Some input files (e.g. "YSZ111_1.spec") result in the "QObject::connect: Cannot queue arguments of type 'Qt::Orientation'" error.
    1. This was due to accessing GUI objects during the load file thread.  This has been addressed as I was adding threading to the Process tab (SSG_000116-85).