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Participants: John Hammonds, Ayman Said

Initial meeting with Ayman Said at Sector 30.  He is working primarily with resonant inelastic scattering at sector 3 and 30.  Would like to be able to mix in diffraction measurements to map out space to scan with inelastic scattering.  Was introduced to rsMap3D by Jon Tischler.  Currently at sector 30 they are using a Perkin Elmer 1kx1k detector to collect images.  Mainly capturing a single images.  It seems that they will need to automate collection of a series of images for mapping out space.  Due to space contraints will probably scan Phi and limited scan of Chi.  Pictures below show the space they are working in.


Image AddedImage AddedImage AddedImage Added

Note that the black plate with silver stickers is the Perkin-Elmer camera.  Scanning phi would rotate sample about it's axis.  Scanning Chi will rotate in the plane of the vertical ring shown.  Due to proximity of cables & connectors will have to limit motions.  Some cable changes may increase the movement of chi somewhat. 

Aymed explained that they collect in TIFF images at the moment.  They use some IDL software for calibration of sample position.  They also do have some capabilities for using SPEC.  He will have to look at driving the area detector with spec script. I explained that Sector 33 does have spec scripts that do the scanning there and he might be able to make some simple adaptations.  I suggested he talk to the folks at 33 and also with Jeff Kirchman (BCDA).  For help setting up spec scripts.  If the spec/TIFF option works, it would provide a quick route to getting this up and running.

I explained the config files and directory structure.  He seemed OK with this.  I will send more information.  He will try to arrange scripts to try for a run in early June.  We will need to work on a schedule for this as it conflicts with a couple of other activities.