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Also of use for beginners may be the links prepared in the ECP-IDEAS project: Python materials for scientific programmersNext Lecture:  Dec 3. 10:40 am - noon in 401/A1100

Lectures will resume in February.

Requested future topics: pandas, numpy/scipy, matplotlib, git 


#when/whereTopicPrerequisites (note links in text)LeaderNew material

2:30-3:30 pm; April 16, 2018; 401/A1100

Installing Python & Python Basics
  1. Install Anaconda
  2. Watch lecture videos: part 1, part 2 (or read through slides)
  3. Do homework (answers)
  4. John's Slides on interpreters
Brian Toby
210:30-noon, May 14 2018, 401/A1100Basic Python: conditional statements and looping
  1. work for session #1
  2. Watch lecture videos: part 1, part 2  (or read through slides)
  3. Do homework

2018-06-04 (A1100)

10:30 am-noon &

2 pm-3:30 pm

scientific graphicsIntro to MatplotlibTom Caswell (BNL)

2018-06-18 (A1100)


File I/O, system-supplied modules and DYI modules

Watch videos: part 1, part 2 or read slides.

Homework (answers)

Matt Newville
52018-Oct-08 (A1100) 10:40-noonPrevious materials; Spyderall of the aboveBrian
62018-Oct-22 (A1100) 10:40-noonIntro to NumPyNumpy slidesBrianalso see slides 37-41 here, and section V.A.1. in this paper (also on Research Gate)
72018-Nov-19 (A1100) 10:40-noonIntro to Matplotlib
BrianSlides; + sample animation code: 1) not so fast, 2) pretty fast & 3) even faster

2018-Dec-3  (A1100) 10:40-noon

Intro to Objects in Python