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  • Sprint 2014-04 - HKL Transform, Image Corrections, Export Image Stacks
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The purpose of this sprint is to add features & correct issues that will make this application more useful on Sector 33 before dealing with issues of energy scans (not handled in xrayutilities) for Sector 34.  Issues to be addressed are shown below.


New transform to give H,K,L (by enabling the UB argument in Ang2Q) 
Add monitor or exposure time correction  
Add filter transmission correction 
Add cancel feature for file loading 
Add cancel feature for data processing. 
Add  flat field file correction 
Add bad pixel correction 
Make work with Six (or unknown) number of axes 
  • Handle case of psic geometry where pseudo angles are used but real angles are sometimes scanned
Stereographic projection does not work properly for negative qz 

Code Review

The Software Services Group held a code review of this project 4/24/2014.  A report of this review can be found here.  Responses to issues and plans to address issues in this report can be found here.  Many of the issues in this sprint will be addressed in the 2014-05 Sprint.


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