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  • Sprint 2014-05 Address Code Review Issues
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A code review of the RSM project was held 04/24/2014.  A list of issues were found and plans to address these can be found here.  This sprint will focus on correcting a number of the issues described below. 


File Tab: Entering wrong number of arguments into "Detector ROI" or "Number of Pixels To Average" results with a generic "list index out of range" exception, rather than with a specific error message. 
File Tab: GUI components are not disabled while loading configuration/data files. 
File Tab: Loading spec files copied to a different location without underlying images does not indicate any errors, even though application will not work. 
Process Data Tab: User is not notified about where processing output is being stored. 
Data Range Tab: Supplying min argument that is greater than max argument does not display error message. 
Data Range Tab: Reset button is always enabled, and does not seem to be doing anything other than converting integer to float. 
Scans Tab: Column values for theta, chi, etc, can be changed to strings. 

Scans Tab:  Numbers ("X min", etc.) appear editable, but they are not.

Image Window: It is not connected to the main window. If closed, it cannot be brought back. 

Image Window: Mouse action is unintuitive, with no obvious way to recover the initial or default orientation. If orientation is not found in the input spec file, corresponding variable is not set to None. and Those two files appear to be the same.

User Guide: It is written in MS Word. 
Confluence Examples Page/User Guide: Documentation does not clearly outline what is needed to run the software with sample spec files. 
Application Runtime: Several errors appear as exceptions on the terminal, without alerting user on the GUI screen that something went wrong. 
Application Runtime: Files named "sys?" and "traceback?" appear on the filesystem (Note: only Tim experienced this problem.) Misspelled words in several comments. 
Several classes and class methods have empty documentation strings. 
Code documentation does not list author/contact information (e.g., "APS/Software Services Group"). 

Common strings that repeat are not constants (e.g. 'images/%s').

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