(from Steve Hudson)

My github page (Python tutorials): https://shuds13.github.io/python-tutorials

This is a small amount of content that I've started developing. In relevance to the discussions today, there is a Conda 'How-To' there - is it intended as an intro to scientific users - to complement Anaconda's own getting started tutorial. Any feedback and suggestions would be really helpful. Especially, if there is anything that's wrong or misleading. I would ask if anyone finds anything useful, please add a github star, simply because that is the only feedback I can get currently that people are looking at it (you have to go to the raw github page and star it).

Better scientific software website: https://bssw.io

As I said, I have not added the python page to this yet, I will probably add curated links to useful places here. Any suggestions for good links would be very useful. I will let you know when I have created the page. Anyone can email me directly with suggested links: shudson@anl.gov